Cheap Thrills: Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone/iPad

Come get some… for free! The iPhone and iPad versions of classic Duke Nukem 3D are just hangin’ out in the App Store, waiting for you to pick ’em up for nothing.

Both versions of the game pay dutiful homage to the original game, with appropriate tweaks for touchscreen and all the graphical updates you’d expect.

The game’s already been winning a swag of awards, including being featured in Apple’s “Best First Person Shooter” category.

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone

Kick ass, chew bubblegum, make calls...

Now, there’s really no excuse for you not rushing out and grabbing this one right now – but, if you can’t for some reason, there’s no closing date mentioned for this deal, so you might have a bit of time up your sleeve. But seriously folks. It’s the Duke. For free. Snap it up!

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