Kinect sales run rings around PlayStation Move

Following on from an earlier story which saw the PlayStation Move selling significantly slower than the Xbox 360’s Kinect, we’re now hearing stories that Xbox 360/Kinect bundles are outselling PS3/Move bundles by more than five to one in the US.

Analyst Michael Pachter did the maths and revealed the details over the weekend, which tied into the release of US November sales information from NPD.

Sony did not release any of their own sales figures, instead stating that their PS3 console sales had increased 112% month-on-month from October. A bit of maths suggests they sold 530,000 units in November, based on the previous month’s details.

So. Pachter announced that a third of all new PS3 sales saw the console bundled with the Move peripheral, compared to 50% of all Xbox 360 sales being packed with Kinect. Given that Xbox 360 sold 1.37 million units, that’s how the numbers stack up.
[img_big]center,4405,2010-11-30/8268Move_Image5.jpg,Looks nifty, but nobody’s buying.[/img_big]

Interestingly, neither of the two big home console manufacturers won the overall race last month – that prize goes to the Nintendo DS, which was the best-selling platform for November, with customers snapping up 1.5 million units.

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