Uncharted 3 is uncovered, in the desert

With all the fuss about the upcoming film adaptation of Uncharted veering ever-so-slightly into negative territory, it feels a bit like Naughty Dog have decided to drag it back into the positive by announcing the third game in the series.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be properly shown off at this week’s Spike VGA event, but for now, there’s a sneaky little teaser trailer doing the rounds and a few details to share.

So, Nathan Drake is back, the famed fortune hunter returning to uncover the fabled Atlantis of the Sands. Victor Sullivan is there to help as the pair trek through the unforgiving Arabian Desert… and, of course, things don’t go exactly to plan, with “terrible secrets” uncovered that relate to the lost city. Before you know it, Drake’s found himself involved in a(nother) desperate bid for survival, and forced to face his deepest fears.
[img_big]center,7236,2010-12-09/plane-crash.jpg,Cool guys don’t look at explosions[/img_big]

This time around, Naughty Dog have been working on physics, particle and visual effects, so we’re in for a visual treat as the game heads to new locations around the globe.

…and yes, multiplayer will return in both competitive and co-op forms, to complement the signature single-player cinematic gameplay. If that wasn’t pretty enough, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception also supports high-resolution Stereoscopic 3D. So, um. Yes. Can’t wait!

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