Night of the Sacrifice balances terror on Wii

Japanese publisher Marvelous Entertainment have revealed plans for a horror game using the Wii Balance Board as a controller.

Night of the Sacrifice, the english title for Ikenie no Yoru / イケニエノヨル, follows five college students in Tsukuyomi Ravine – a place where sacrifices were once made to the gods. Sounds intriguing – and we’ve got the debut teaser trailer to give you an idea of what’s in store.

Gameplay details are currently thin on the ground (nobody knows just how the Balance Board will be implemented), but we can tell you that the Wii-mote will be used (again) as a flashlight to help navigate your surroundings.

Currently scheduled for a March 2011 release in Japan, there’s currently no mention of whether or not this will see a Western release, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed. With the revelation that the innovative horror Wii title Sadness is vaporware (say it ain’t so!), it looks like Night of the Sacrifice might step up to appease a niche market of horror fans.

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