Pixel Force: DJ Hero shut down

Pixel Force: DJ Hero

...straight outta 1989.

Back in August, we told you all about Pixel Force: DJ Hero. It’s created by Eric Ruth Games, the same gentleman who created Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead at the beginning of the year.

When we had a look at it, Pixel Force: DJ Hero was in playable form, but hadn’t yet been released to the public. After waiting a little longer than the “month” we were promised, the game finally saw the light of day a week ago, on December 1st.

…but it didn’t last long. While Activision apparently had no problems with the retro-pixel-love-fest that is Ruth‘s trademark, it seems that Universal Music have put their foot down, sending the developer a Cease and Desist note and ordering him to take the game down.

From Ruth’s Twitter:

“Pixel Force: DJ Hero has been removed due to a C&D [cease and desist – Ed.] from Universal Music Group. Big Companies with too much money can suck it.”

Apparently, it’s not-so-cool to make chiptune mash-ups of songs that you don’t hold the publishing rights to, even if you’re using them in super-clever projects with awesome art direction. The fact Ruth wasn’t making any money off of the game doesn’t factor into it. Sigh.

Still – the game was in the wild for a whole week, so if you haven’t played it yet, chances are a quick search will come up with some download links for you.

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