Resistance 3 reveals artwork to friends- UPDATE

Insomniac Games want you to like them. Specifically, they want you to like them on Facebook, and the more people that do, the more sneaky peek images they’ll reveal from Resistance 3.

They revealed the first concept image when the counter hit 15,000 – a delightfully cheery image of a Hybrid neatly dispatching his opponents. With fire, of course.

16,000 fans rolled around not long after, which took the wraps off of image #2, the apparent ruins of a dining hall, complete with shattered walls, broken furniture and the bright sun shining through a hole in the roof. This is from multiplayer map Fort Lamy.

Image #3 greeted the 17,000th fan – and it’s a grinning, six-eyed Ravager. We knew they’d be back, and they’re even scarier than before.

We returned to calmer, more scenic views with Image #4. An outdoor shot shows the damage sustained by this part of the world, everything in tatters, smashed and broken.

19,000 fans overnight brought Image #5 – Capelli vs a couple of Long Legs… frightening stuff:

And – as of earlier this morning, Insomniac finally reached 20,000 fans, meaning they’ve unlocked a very shiny Resistance 3 Theme for your PS3. It’s free!

Check it out – you’ll need to download a zip file on your PC, unzip it to a flash / thumb drive and then go plug that into your PS3. Hey presto, Chimera crawling all over your console! Hoorah!

Resistance 3 follows the story of Joseph Capelli, four years after the events of Resistance 2 – and the chimera have taken over the planet. To make things even cheerier, there’s not much food around, so the remaining human population has resorted to cannibalism. Mmm.

Like its predecessors, Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive, currently in development at Insomniac Games and scheduled for a “Fall 2011” release in the northern hemisphere.

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