playerttack News Season 1, Episode 12

playerattack News Episode 12 looks at the battle of the consoles as both Microsoft and Sony release some sales numbers for their newest peripherals, Kinect and Move. One of them’s smudging the details though – which one is it?

We found a brilliant mod which puts your Kinect into stealth mode, a meaty parody of an indie darling, release dates for two great games sneaking into the tail end of 2010, and details on just how Apple is upsetting gamers through a simple change to their Terms of Service.

If you ever wondered just how the US Air Force uses 1,760 PS3s, we can tell you that – and the Australian government has come to some interesting conclusions when it comes to video games and violence.

Since we published this episode of playerattack News, he issue of an Australian adult R18+ rating for video games has received a boost sooner than we expected – the federal Labor government has thrown their support behind the push for a new ratings scheme. The change to legislation still must be approved by each state and territory, but it’s a huge step forward for the matter.

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