Raskulls XBLA will be here in 2010 (just)


Pleased to meet you!

For months, we have been waiting (im)patiently for news about Halfbrick‘s elusive Raskulls. We chatted to Phil Larsen about it at GCAP, and we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled ever since.

And now, today, we can finally reveal the release date!

On December 29th 2010, Raskulls will form part of Microsoft‘s Games for the Holidays promotion. Finally.

Games for the Holidays is a non-religion / non-season specific promotion that will be held over the next little while, and people are (rightfully) getting a little excited about it all. Alongside Raskulls, you can expect appearances from World of Keflings and ilomilo.

As if that wasn’t all great enough, if you purchase all three Games for the Holidays, you’ll unlock extra characters within the games. Next thing you know, Raskulls characters are popping up in ilomilo and ilo is paying a visit to the World of Keflings!
[img_big]center,4663,2010-11-20/Raskulls10.jpg,Happy Holidays![/img_big]

Now, we’ve all been waiting for a looong time for Raskulls, and while another month isn’t too bad in the overall scheme of things, you can actually get a bit of sneaky early access on December 22nd, if you pick up a copy of World of Keflings. The skulls are hiding out in the in-game purchase menu.

Raskulls is an amazingly fun action-platformer that has been tearing up major conventions such as PAX for months. A well-known upcoming XBLA game, it combines platforming, action and racing all wrapped up in a fantastic art style featuring the Raskulls themselves – adorable yet very cheeky little guys! With the epic single player Mega Quest, unlockable characters for Grand Prix and both local and online multiplayer, Raskulls is a massive package – for just 800 Microsoft Points!

It’s lovely to see a major console supporting indie games like this – and Aussie indies to boot – so it’d be great if you could return the favour and snap up a copy of Raskulls as soon as it’s on the virtual shelves. The anticipation is killing me!

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