Microsoft launches Xbox Live Rewards

Microsoft would like to reward you for doing stuff you’d probably do anyway.

It’s just unveiled the oft-rumoured Xbox Live Rewards program in a handful of regions – Register Here – and you’ll receive Microsoft Points for doing simple things like renewing your Gold Membership, picking up games from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, answering a few questions and participating in “exclusive promotions”.

Xbox Live Rewards Price List

Xbox Live Rewards Program
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As you can see, the prize amounts vary depending on your account type – Gold Accounts have more things to be rewarded for, but the Free accounts don’t miss out completely.

This looks like it could have some pretty hefty potential – but I haven’t seen how gamers are reacting to the move. It’ll require a bit of work (and a lot of support) from Microsoft to ensure its success – not to mention opening up the project to gamers from other parts of the world. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching where they take it, and scoring a few bonus points while I’m at it… if only Microsoft would let me.

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