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Expect to see a lot of this
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In a pretty massive scoop, G4 has picked up a deal which will see the network placed as the official broadcaster for E3 over the next three years.

The partnership will see G4‘s gaming experts (including Kevin Pereira, Morgan Webb, Adam Sessler and Blair Herter) able to bring gamers an “unprecedented” look inside the massive annual event, in addition to their usual coverage of the most important video game news.

They’re promising more than 24 total hours of live broadcast over the three-day event, which will be made up of exclusive news and original programming. If you can’t get to an appropriate television, there will be bonus live-streaming events posted on g4tv.com.

Neal Tiles, President, G4 explains:

“As the global epicenter of the gaming world, E3 Expo is one of the biggest and most important events of the year for G4’s audience. We are excited to have solidified G4 as the official broadcaster of E3 Expo for years to come and look forward to giving gamers a front row seat to all the big announcements, live news coverage and behind-the-scenes action.”

It’ll be just like being there!

Adam Sessler

...and a lot of Adam Sessler, too.

Adam Sessler, host of X-Play and Editor-in-Chief of games content for G4 is a bit pleased:

“As we have demonstrated in the last five years, G4 is the only outlet that provides comprehensive coverage of an outstanding quality that both entertains and informs for the entire three-day show. With such reach, we can ensure that anyone who is unable to attend will feel like they are in the thick of the gaming madness from the comfort of their couch and with far less foot ache.”

Now. Remember that DirecTV recently dropped G4, citing “low ratings”, so there’s a chunk of potential audience that’s disappeared off the bat, not to mention those of us who may not be able to access the channel due to geographical limitations.

The partnership promises to allow G4 viewers access to up-to-the-minute news and some pretty hefty on-air coverage, but I always thought that’s what they did anyway (and can’t think of any other television presentation who seriously tried to compete…). They’ll also be showing the major press conferences uninterrupted (yay!), plus hands-on walkthroughs, developer interviews and – to really rub it in – behind-closed-doors demos.

…this does get a little concerning if it’s taken to mean they now have exclusive live video rights. How will it impact on those many gaming sites that run webstreams of the event? Or liveblogs? Or host a vidcast at the expo? So many questions… good thing we’ve got six months to get everything ironed out.

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