Two new World of Warcraft pets for you

When Blizzard first released in-game pets for World of Warcraft that you could buy with real money, many people scoffed. Who would hand over their hard-earned cash to receive a collection of pixels with no real worth?

The answer: plenty.

So many people bought the first run of pets that Blizzard have released two new ones today: Lil’ Ragnaros and a Moonkin Hatchling, both available in the Pet Store section of their online store, for US$10 each.

World of Warcraft pets: Lil Ragnaros + Moonkin Hatchling

So cute!!!

…and before you point fingers and accuse Blizzard of using their powers for evil, please observe that 50% of the purchase price for the googly-eyed Hatchling is being donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation, just like the Pandaren Monk deal in the last batch.

Thanks to the million-billion people who snapped up the last pet collection when they were released a year ago, Blizzard were able to donate more than $1.1 million to Make-A-Wish in February. Hopefully this year’s effort will result in an even bigger donation to help improve the lives of sick kids!

But, y’know, the charity stuff’s a bonus, rather than the focus here, right? Let me introduce the pets themselves – and it looks like the WoW devs have overdosed on cute-juice, these two are adorable.

World of Warcraft pet - Lil Ragnaros

Lil Raggy!

Lil’ Ragnaros, the Tiniest Firelord

Ragnaros, the dread master of all fire elementals, will return in Cataclysm to avenge his defeat in Molten Core. And what better way to head into battle than with a miniature version of the firelord himself following at your beck and call? Lil’ Ragnaros, just like his full-scale namesake, burns with constant fury (not to mention flames that serve as a handy cooking fire) and comes equipped with the legendary hammer Sulfuras. And as a being of pure elemental fire, he has no need to walk from place to place — he just submerges into the magma below the world’s surface when you start walking and reemerges when you stop.

World of Warcraft pet: Moonkin Hatchling


Moonkin Hatchling Charity Pet — For the Children!

The googly-eyed Moonkin Hatchling, which comes in unique Horde and Alliance versions, will occasionally plant flowers at your feet, and happily /dances with any willing partners. Like last year’s Pandaren Monk, the Moonkin Hatchling has a soft spot for helping children. For every Moonkin Hatchling adopted from November 29 through December 31, 2010, Blizzard Entertainment will donate 50% of the $10 USD purchase price to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So, want one? Head to the pet store, and if you have any questions, Blizzard have probably answered them for you, because they’re good like that.

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