PlayStation Phone reveal in December?

New reports are suggesting that Sony‘s oft-rumoured PlayStation Phone will officially be revealed on December 9th, as a prelude to a February 2011 launch.

French blog has posted an image which looks like it’s an invitation to a Sony press event. It’s that time of year, not really surprising, right?

The alleged PlayStation Phone launch invitation

Fake or not Fake?

…the image refers to “the most anticipated event of the decade”, above the four famous PlayStation symbols and an image of a telephone. Well then.

Another site, MobileCrunch has done some more digging, grilling an unnamed source to find out some more juicy gossip details.

The first point: “Yes, it’s absolutely real.” …but then there are gems tucked away in the rest of the revelations. The screen is apparently “on par” with the iPhone 4’s retina display, possibly using Sony‘s Bravia technology.

It’s unknown at this stage whether it will be a “PlayStation Phone” in the sense that it will play PSP or PSPgo releases – but sources claim it seems unlikely, with a “new, independent line-up” of games for this handset specifically. These games will apparently be priced “like mobile games” rather than like PSP games, which is a relief.

As for “February 2011”, that’s come about because the phone is “nowhere near ready” for a holiday release – instead aiming for some time around next year’s Mobile World Congress. doesn’t seem to know whether the invite is “fake or not fake”, and we should always take “anonymous tipsters” with a grain of salt, but I guess we’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks to find out.

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