Naughty Bear: Chapter 10 has fangs

Chapter 10 of Naughty Bear is now live, and it marks the game’s surrender to the inevitable: Zombies. And vampires.

The update also introduces four new multiplayer modes, a bunch of new challenges, new costumes and – wait for it – a showdown with a Vampiricorn.
[img_big]center,3964,2010-11-25/NB_Ep10_06.jpg,The Vampiricorn![/img_big]

Naughty Bear was released to mixed reviews, but it’s good to see the people at Artificial Mind & Movement have kept up with the updates. Even if this one seems a little clichéd, it does feature one of the best subtitles I’ve seen in a while – and I’m awfully jaded when it comes to the undead.

The description from the developers is also chuckle-worthy:

After Stardust summons a vampire hoard to the island, lead by the legendary and terrifying Vampiricorn, the throng of blood-sucking bears start the hunt for Naughty Bear to suck his fluff. Fright your way through a beariffic new story, disguise yourself with new costumes and bring an end to the undead with the terrifyingly new Vicious Vampire Claw!

[img_big]center,3964,2010-11-25/NB_Ep10_02.jpg,Take that![/img_big]

So – details on those four new multiplayer modes:
Defluffication: Defluff other players with any weapon you like to rack up points in this sweet and simple deathmatch mode!

Dancing King: A mystical Unibear appears at a random location. Find him, get close to him and don’t let anyone else near. The player who dances with the Unibear longest wins!

Vampicorn: Elimination match where each player has limited lives and constantly depleting health, which can only be stopped by attacking, hurting and killing the competition. Last vampire-bear standing wins.

…and my favourite:
Left 4 Ted: The bears must do what they can to stay alive against a Zombear invasion. Can you stay alive long enough to win the game?
[img_big]center,3964,2010-11-25/NB_Ep10_multi2.jpg,I’m still giggling…[/img_big]

Naughty Bear Chapter 10 is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network, and the original game can also be picked up for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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