Conduit 2 intro trailer spoils The Conduit ending

We’ve got the new intro video for Conduit 2 to share on this Thanksgiving holiday – but I wouldn’t watch it unless you’re comfortable finding out how the first one ends.

Just like the opening sequence from Men In Black 2, the introduction to the sequel does kinda give away the ending of the first game. It shouldn’t really be a surprising plot development (the hero never dies, right?), but still, if you’re currently working your way through The Conduit, it’s worth the heads up. Just look at the pretty screens instead, perhaps…

So. Backstory for you. Conduit 2 is the second chapter (obviously) in the “epic” story of Secret Agent Michael Ford. The first game followed the events of the alien invasion of Washington DC – which saw Agent Ford faced with a choice by the end of the game. Follow the evil John Adams through the conduit portal, or die.

…three guesses which choice he made, and what storyline you’ll be playing in Conduit 2 when it launches for Wii early next year. Spoiler: He’s not dead.

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