Kinect hacks work with web browser, Windows 7

The technology we saw in Minority Report is getting closer and closer to reality, as hackers and clever developers get their hands and minds around the Xbox 360’s Kinect. I’m not talking about being able to see the future and prevent crimes, but the motion-sensing controller-less peripheral is being used to redefine the sort of interaction we have with our electronic devices.

The MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group is currently working on an open-source project which does just that – DepthJS uses Javascript with the Kinect software to enable the user to navigate web pages with the wave of a hand. Take a look:

There’s another group, Evoluce, working on a similar concept: They’re using the Multitouch Input Manager for Kinect and turning it into a gesture-based solution for Windows 7. At the moment, while it still needs work, it quite happily supports simultaneous multitouch as well as multiuser control of applications.

…of course, it’s early days and baby steps yet – that kind of interface, while ridiculously cool, is also pretty tiring and rather impractical. But it’s possible, and now that someone has done it, they can refine it.

How long until this concept is expanded out to work with home theatre PCs, perhaps as a multitouch remote control device…?

This story was featured in Episode 11 of playerattack News:

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