Pre-holiday Give & Get sale on Steam

Valve want to know what you want. And if you tell them, they just might give it to you… or at least, give you a hefty discount.

Today sees the launch of the Give & Get sale on Steam, which will run every day up to November 30th. Each day there will be a whole bunch of savings off selected games, perfect virtual stocking-stuffers, and huge game packs for when you just can’t choose.

Steam's Give & Get Sale comic

...who can argue?

Using Steam‘s handy wishlist feature, Valve can also tell just what it is that you’re after – and they’ve promised to give 30 gamers their top five games as featured on their lists. That’s not 30 overall, that’s 30 gamers every day of the sale.

To be eligible to win, just make sure there are ten or more items on your wishlist, in order of your preference, and cross your fingers! Make sure you keep an eye on the game sales, too! Today there’s all sorts of stuff available – 75% off Alpha Protocol, Counter-Strike: Source and the Deus Ex collection, 50% off Borderlands and Prototype and a whopping 90% off the Indie Energy Pack, which makes it five games for five bucks.

But act quick, these deals will only stick around for one day each – tomorrow it’s a whole new bunch.

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