Man plays games on world's largest LED screen

Magic World Online 2 on the big, big screen

Magic World Online 2
on the big, big screen

I remember back in the day when computer games were played on monochrome monitors. Prince of Persia was all yellow and black, and that was still pretty awesome. Then we upgraded to 8 colours, then 16, then all of a sudden it was “16 million+”, and everyone wanted their games to look even bigger and even better.

A Chinese gamer has taken this to extremes. Jealous of a competitor who played Magic World Online 2 in an IMAX theatre, he decided to take things one step further, and book some time with the world’s largest LED screen, high above Beijing.

…and that, my friends, is how Magic World Online 2 came to be played on a screen 250 metres long and 30 metres high – that’s larger than a standard football field. Due to the obvious ratio issues, the game’s display was tiled three times across the massive screen – it’s more than 820 feet long!

MMOSite has a video of the game in action:

That’s the sky screen above The Place – also known as “Everyone in Beijing Looks Up!”. Apparently, the fellow rocked up a bit after 8:30pm Sunday night, logged onto the wifi network with his laptop and played his game from a conveniently placed chair.

Ten minutes of gameplay apparently set him back US$15,000 – but we’re sure it was well worth it to the unnamed man, whose e-peen is now, um, huge.

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