Stacking: Double Fine wants you to play with dolls

When we recently spoke to Nathan Martz from Double Fine, he told us the company were working on four individual new games. One of them, Costume Quest has since been released and is – from all accounts – pretty awesome.


Come on in and meet the family

Today, the team took the wraps off of the second one, a downloadable puzzler called Stacking. And it’s gorgeous.

Stacking is all about Charlie Blackmore, a young chimney sweep whose entire family has been forced to become servants to an evil industrialist. Charlie’s one true quest is to reunite his family and save them from this terrible fate.

…and I don’t think I mentioned – Charlie (and his family) are Russian Matryoshkas – that is, those Nesting Dolls which stack (geddit?) one inside the other.

That, of course, is the intriguing core of the game. You – as Charlie – can stack inside of any doll who is one size larger than you – but only if they’re not facing you. (The element of surprise is key, here.) Once you’re inside, you can then command the larger doll, and – if it has one – use its special ability, which helps Charlie solve puzzles and generally get through life.

Stacking is being created by a team working with Lee Petty, art director on Brutal Legend, so you know it’s going to be good. We’re already being promised a great story, awesome characters and the sort of setting you know and love from old-school adventure games – all stacked up (heh) with an all-new way to interact.

Stacking - The Widow Chastity

...chock full of characters.

No word as yet on where we’ll be able to play the game, or when we’ll be able to play it – but given Double Fine‘s predilection for keeping things close to their collective chests, I don’t expect we’ll be waiting too long. It will be released through THQ when it gets here, and Tim Schafer will probably have a few things to say about Stacking somewhat closer to the release date, too.

This story was featured in Episode 11 of playerattack News:

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