Banelings, Banelings, Banelings…

Here, start off your week the right way with a bit of Justin Bieber. Well, a parody of Justin Bieber, anyway… Husky Starcraft and his mate Kurt Schneider have pooled their resources, spent some time with StarCraft II, and come up with this little ditty: Banelings.

Earlier this month, Mr. H to the Usky Husky passed a milestone – 100 million views of his videos – a feat only surpassed by reaching reaching 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube Channel (given he was uploading more than 100 videos a month at one point, it was bound to happen).

By way of celebration, Husky and Kurt have created this abomination, which I guarantee will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

(While you’re hanging out on YouTube, remember to check out the playerattack channel, and subscribe so you never miss an update!)

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