Thieves make off with $1m worth of Sony stuff

Canadian police are reporting that thieves have made off with two truckloads of PlayStations and “other gaming equipment”, with an estimated value of $1 million.

That’s two entire transport trailers missing! The first contained $500,000 worth of unidentified Sony products, while the second contained PS3 and PSP games and consoles worth roughly the same amount.

A truck similar to the one which was stolen

Have you seen this truck?

Both were taken from the same area, near Brampton, Ontario. One of the stolen trailers is Werner brand, with Nebraska plates – the other is an Xtra Lease (similar to the one pictured), registered in Ontario.

Sony Canada haven’t yet commented on whether or not the theft will mean retailers come up short in the busy holiday season.

Possession of stolen property is a criminal offense, so law enforcement officials are warning locals to keep their eyes peeled. Anyone who hears about a private sale of Sony products at ridiculously low prices have been asked to give the police a call – and officials themselves are paying attention to “all the usual places” both online and in the real world, in case anything comes up.

…obviously, it’s a cheap shot to suggest that the brazen thieves were after any one Sony product in particular, and PS3 consoles have a pretty hefty resale value on the black market. But we can’t help but notice that there is one very eagerly-anticipated game due out later this week, and wonder just how many copies of that little racer were tucked into those two trailers. Hmmmm.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

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