Steam is Recommended For You (probably)

Valve have just launched a new referral service on Steam. Creatively titled “Recommended For You“, it’s been designed to help gamers (that’s you) discover new games and DLC based on your tastes and recent purchases. There’s also the ability for friends to recommend new titles that you might like to play as well.

The new recommendations will appear – wait for it – on the Recommended For You pages, as well as in your Steam Community News Blotter.

Information about Recommendations will also be added to individual game pages, so you’ll have even more information about the 1,200+ titles available on Steam.

Zen of Sudoku

Mmm. Soothing.

I love things that learn from things! …I just hope my friends have diverse enough tastes so that I’m not bombarded with FPS suggestions when all I really want to play is Zen of Sudoku.

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