playerttack News Season 1, Episode 10

playerattack News Episode 10 sees Kinect sell a million units – even though a bunch of countries can’t experience it properly. Activision has closed one studio and threatened another with major changes, and Blizzard are hiring console developers for Diablo 3.

There’s also a new release date for Portal 2, super-addictive Flight Control HD arrived on PC a little earlier than expected, the App Store experienced RAGE at the hands of id Software, and we got our first look at SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED and some fresh gameplay from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Desert Bus For Hope kicks off at 6pm Pacific Time, Friday November 19th, raising money for Child’s Play. The more money they raise, the longer they’ll play for! They’ve already raised $6,570 before the event’s even kicked off, and are looking at a stretch of 90 hours. Go! Give money! Help sick kids! Make a bunch of comedians play the worst game in the world!

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