Flight Control HD has landed on Steam

It’s been a big week for Firemint. Earlier this week they announced that Flight Control HD would be playable on both PC soon – thanks to a handy Steam release. Turns out that “soon” was quicker than anyone had anticipated – the game launched today!

Flight Control HD for PC

Pick a map, any map...

In Flight Control HD for PC, just like in the handheld versions, you step into the boots of an air traffic controller at an airport that just keeps getting busier and busier! This time around, use your mouse (or trackpad) to select a plane and trace the path to the appropriate landing zone. Obviously, you want to avoid any collisions – as things get more and more frantic, your task gets more and more challenging!

The Steam version of the game also introduces an all-new, exclusive map: Stunt Flying.
It’s not just a new setting either, Stunt Flying also features a brand new gameplay element, where you can score bonus points for flying through a course of stunt cones before landing.

Flight Control HD on PC

Flight Control HD: Stunt Flying

The original iPhone hit was downloaded more than 3 million times from the App Store, and from the looks of things, the PC version won’t be too far behind that – it’s already topping Steam‘s top selling game under $5! Not bad, on its first day!

…if you don’t run a Windows PC, don’t fret. A Mac version of Flight Control HD is currently in the works, and will be released as part of the recently announced Mac App Store.

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