343 Industries is hiring for Halo's new experience

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, Microsoft would like a Senior Technical Artist to join 343 Industries, please.

Their job will be to “help breathe a fresh vision into a new Halo experience”, as explained in the full job description:

We are looking for a highly-qualified candidate for the position of Senior Technical Artist. The Senior Technical Artist will play a significant role in establishing and maintaining the production pipelines. The ideal candidate will be able to work collaboratively with Art and Development teams to help bring our story alive and push the medium forward.

343 Industries is hiring

...do you have the skillz?

Long-time guardians of the Halo empire, Bungie have moved on from the franchise, shacking up with rivals Activision. With the reins handed over to 343, there’s just a teeny bit of expectation in the air. The implications of this ad suggest that the new developers won’t just be following blindly in the footsteps of its predecessor, hopefully bringing something new, innovative and exciting to the best-selling franchise.

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