App Store overcome by RAGE

It’s time to RAGE! Finally, gamers around the world can introduce some Mutant Bash TV to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. id Software have finally launched their first new IP in years, a first-person rail shooter designed for the hottest market around these days.

It’s a pretty ambitious little project, too – RAGE drops gamers into the starring role of a post-apocalyptic gameshow. Your task is to collect ammo and cash pick-ups that are dotted around the various levels, including the not-so-abandoned Bunker, the Asylum (overrun by lunatics, of course), or the Tenements – more infested with mutants than rats, these days.

Sounds simple, until you introduce the hungry mutants who are trying to eat you.

But… you can always make a deal with the show’s menacing host, J.K Stiles… do you have what it takes?

RAGE for iPhone

Mmm, mutanty goodness.

id head honcho John Carmack has been all over Twitter telling people about his newest project – reassuring gamers that yes, it will play on an iPhone 3GS with 128MB memory, but it will “have a few more hitches” than the HD version, and – unsurprisingly – the HD-ness is “somewhat wasted”.

Of course, as shiny as this one is (idTech 5 engine, 60 fps, playable on the bus) it’s all a precursor for what’s really coming next. This is your first chance to check out the RAGE universe, before the real deal hits the PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360 later next year. Mmm. Teasing.

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