No Kinect voice control down under

Kinect will launch in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow (as well as Singapore), but gamers in the southern hemisphere will not have full control of the motion sensor. The reason? Microsoft think they talk funny, apparently.

“Because of the complexity of solving for languages and accents voice support will roll out across the world in waves. In ‘spring’ 2011, Kinect voice support will be available in Canada (French), France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.”


Kinect, it's not listening to you.

Actually, it’s not all that bad. Voice recognition has only been launched in a handful of countries, and we’re reassured that the delay is “in order to ensure Kinect responds equally well with various regional Australian and New Zealand accents”. Probably better that the thing actually works when it gets here, rather than launching early and being broken, right?

It’s still a pity, I was looking forward to interrupting other people’s movie-watching just by walking in and telling the console to pause, mid-scene!

This story was featured in Episode 10 of playerattack News:

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