Kinect sells a million, goes platinum

People scoffed when Microsoft predicted 5 million sales of their new Kinect by the end of 2010. Well, a mere ten days after launch, the motion-sensing peripheral has sold one million units, so the doubters may need to prepare their apologies. The new statistics have only strengthened Microsoft‘s resolve, with the company expecting that next week’s Black Friday sales in the US will give them a little boost.

Kinect first went on sale in North America on November 4, in Europe on November 10th, and Asia will get their mitts on the hardware on November 18th.

It’s not been revealed which configuration gamers have been buying the new hardware – whether it’s as a stand-alone unit or through either of the two console bundles (which sees Kinect combined with an Xbox 360 boasting either a 4GB or 250GB hard drive).

Both console bundles also include Kinect Adventures, which shows off the equipment’s capabilities – it’s just one of the 17 titles expected to take advantage of the motion-sensor by the end of the holiday season.

Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures, as played in many, many living rooms.

The hardware is estimated to cost a mere $56 in parts, which is a far cry from the $149 retail price Microsoft is charging. But, y’know, you have to make your money somewhere – the publisher is reported to have sold $500 million in promotions.

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