Assassin's Creed Ascendance revealed, properly

Last week we teased, this week it’s here: Assassin’s Creed Ascendance has been properly revealed – and, as we mentioned earlier, it’s “obviously not a game”.

Instead, Assassin’s Creed Ascendance is a short animated story currently being developed by the clever sorts at Ubisoft Montreal. If you’ve ever wondered just what happened between Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, here’s your chance. Ascendance follows Ezio as he quests to remove the Borgia family from the throne – but in doing so, he will learn the truth behind Ceasare Borgia’s rise to power. “Fratricide, betrayal, torture…”

And while it was quick to jump from teaser to reveal, it’s going to be just as quick to jump to full release – Assassin’s Creed Ascendance will be released this week via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and “other digital channels” at a suggested price point of $1.99.

If you want to see more, head to the Ubi Workshop movies section and take a look around.

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