CoD: Black Ops distracts English Cricket Team

The English Cricket Team are currently in Australia for the upcoming Ashes test, but it looks like their minds might not all be on the ball. While he should be preparing for next week’s First Test, bowler Stuart Broad is a bit upset that he missed the Call of Duty: Black Ops launch last week.

Stuart Broad's tweet about Call of Duty

Ask and ye shall receive!

I really wanted to go to that Call of Duty party how was it?! Do they send games to Oz?? 😉

…fortunately, Activision Blizzard Australia are on the case, accepting their own “Black Ops” mission and arranging for Broad to receive his own copy of the game.

Actually, they’ve organised copies for the entire English Cricket Team – and their intentions may not be so innocent. Jeff Wong, Marketing Director from Activision Blizzard Australia explains:

“We have happily provided the whole English team with a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops in the hope they spend more time playing the game than preparing to take on our boys with The Ashes.”

Good luck, Brits! Call of Duty: Black Ops has smashed the Opening Day Sales Record for any entertainment launch, selling approximately US$360 million in North America and the UK alone – and you don’t get those sorts of numbers unless you’re a little bit distracting…

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