Train Conductor is free at last!

What are your plans for the weekend? Scrap ’em, you’re going to be spending time managing a railway, as the original Train Conductor is available right now for FREE.

It’s part of The Voxel Agents celebrating the fact that the sequel, Train Conductor 2: USA has made it as an IGF China finalist. The title has already won Best Game Audio at Freeplay 2010, where it was also a finalist for Best Game Design, and now finds itself among the top seven independent games at IGF China.

Apple have also recognised the game’s success, including it in the “Highly Addictive Games” promotion – and 31 countries have placed it in their “What’s Hot”, “Staff Favorites” and “New and Noteworthy” sections of the iTunes store.

Train Conductor: Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley transit, via The Voxel Agents

So – as if that all wasn’t good enough, the good folk at The Voxel Agents are still dedicated to both games, with regular updates and additions – The Barossa Valley, Australia’s award-winning wine region, is now playable in Train Conductor, while Train Conductor 2 now features Roswell, New Mexico.

Simon Joslin, Creative Director at the company, is still enthusiastic (and why wouldn’t he be?):

“We love Train Conductor, and we can’t stop thinking of new ways to improve it. We’re working on some new content and I think if you haven’t played it, now is definitely the time!”

…for more from Simon and his colleague Matt Clark, discussing the history of The Voxel Agents and a bit about Train Conductor, check out our video interview, from when we caught up with the pair at GCAP in October.

The original Train Conductor will be free for a limited time through – while the “massive” sequel, Train Conductor 2: USA is still available for its usual price, a measly 99 cents.

EDIT, Sunday November 14th at 10:30pm:
Thanks to your help, The Voxel Agents and Train Conductor are currently #1 in the App Store in a whopping 32 countries around the world. In their own words:

This is amazing!

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