iPad: a games console, controlled by iPhone?

The Incident describes itself as a “fast-paced, retro-style action game”, from developers Big Bucket Software. It’s been created for the iPhone and iPad – both separately and together… Version 1.2 of the game unlocks the ability to use your iPhone as a wireless controller while the action unfolds on the iPad (nifty, huh?).

Sounds like the developers are taking it one step further with v1.3 (expected to be released “very soon”) – utilising new technology to allow you to play the game on your tv.

The Incident on your TV

This is really happening.

The buzz at the moment is that Apple TV will provide the creators of the iPod with a gateway to releasing apps into your living room – and that includes a selection of games. This is a bit misplaced – it’s actually completely possible to hook your iPad up to your tv today, through a variety of apps designed to deal mostly with movies, music and other media.

The Incident looks like it bucks that trend, with a simple three-step process (although it’s more complex behind the scenes, I’m sure). As explained by Matt Comi, who’s been working on the project, it’s just a matter of:
1: Plug your iPad into the TV
2: Pair your iPad with your iPhone or iPod Touch
3: Sit on your couch and play

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, here’s a handy trailer to give you an idea of what will be gracing your plasma screens before too long:

For a game that was originally designed for the 4:3 ratio of the iPhone, before changing to the 3:2 of the iPad, developer Neven Mrgan has had to re-illustrate the game again to incorporate the 16:9 ratio of most widescreen televisions. Fun times at Big Bucket, I’m sure – but if it all works as planned, it’ll be more than worth it.

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