Fallout: New Vegas is broken, sells lots of copies

Five million copies of Fallout: New Vegas were shipped worldwide across the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms, not to mention the number of digital purchases. Some quick maths reveals this all to add up to $300 million in retail sales – which Bethesda say reflect the huge consumer demand for the title. (In slightly more disturbing news, the Fallout: New Vegas strategy guide wasone of Amazon’s best sellers among all books!)

Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks gushes:

“We are delighted by the reception Fallout: New Vegas has received from fans around the world.

“Despite the large launch quantities for this title, we have already received substantial re-orders from our retail partners, underscoring the tremendous popularity of this highly entertaining game. We believe Fallout: New Vegas will be the “must buy” title for gamers throughout the holiday season.”

…for that to happen though, the game will have to overcome consumer complaints that the game is “riddled” with glitches, errors and game-breaking bugs.

Fallout: New Vegas

He's the exterminator.

The developers have stated they’re currently working on a major patch to be released in the next few weeks, which hopefully puts some of that to right. From a developer blog:

“We’ve come up with solutions for the Xbox 360 save issue folks are reporting, along with a number of other issues being reported. We’re currently running final testing and certification on a comprehensive patch for all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), so we’ll have something available in the coming weeks. When we have more details, we’ll let you know.”

They also promise an incremental PC update due early this week to fix some companion problems and the game-breaking save corruption issues. It’ll also tweak some glitches with Havok, and improve performance for NVIDIA users while it’s there.

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