EVE Online wants you back

The 14th expansion for EVE Online is looming, and the guys at developers CCP would like you to take a look, especially if you’ve been disappointed in the past.

EVE Online

No spreadsheets here!

The new expansion – Incursion – will introduce new avatars to the game. While it might not sound like much, for a game that’s been described as an MMO spreadsheet, it’s a significant upgrade. Understanding how important your character is to your experience of the game, CCP are inviting former players to come back to try out Incursion on the test server, before the expansion officially goes live.

Particularly, they’d like you to have a play around with the character creator and social media tools tucked into EVE Gate, to see if they can entice you to come back. EVE Gate is looking especially nifty, incorporating contact labels, some new localisation, public profiles, a new rich text editor, expanded contact limits, voice integration and new forums – just to name a few.

EVE Online - Brutor Female Avatar

I'd say that's a change for the better.

Many EVE gamers who held an active account between March 13th 2009 and November 3rd 2010 have received an email inviting them to come back to the fold – if you’re one of them, it might be worth checking your inbox (and note that trial accounts don’t count – sorry).

The full-body avatar system known as Incarna is due to launch mid-next year, with Incursion offering an early glimpse of what’s in store. If you’re curious, why not drop in? Read up on the Developer blog so you know what’s up, and then maybe head over to Steam to pick yourself up a full copy of the game plus 30-day subscription in one simple package.

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