Where to find Call of Duty: Black Ops at midnight

Where are you planning on picking up your copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops when it releases around the world on Tuesday? If you’re contemplating a midnight launch outing, we’ve got the lowdown on where they’ll be happening in the US, Australia, UK and …Dubai.

My American friends, you have it easy. The lovely guys at Activision and Treyarch have created a handy-dandy store locator, which does all the hard work for you. Simply type in your city or zip code, hit the button, and the computer will find the closest locations that may or may not be holding a midnight launch for your late night CoD needs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Midnight Launch

...a few stores open in California.

Remember, of course, that the list may not represent all participating stores – some listed might not be opening in the middle of the night, and some stores which may be opening may not appear on the list. It’s a pretty good start, though – and if your local preferrred gaming emporium isn’t mentioned, maybe give them a quick phonecall.

Also, get there early. The first 50 attendees at each of the 2,700 (count ’em!) 24-hour participating Walmart locations will snag an exclusive Black Ops bandanna. You know you want one!

Turning to the land Down Under, you’re not doing too shabby either – three of the major games retailers have shared their plans to open very, very early Tuesday morning, just for you eager Call of Duty: Black Ops fans.

Take your pick:

Swanky CoD:BO Bandanna

Swanky CoD:BO Bandanna

EB Games are opening more than 300 of their stores across the country for midnight launch events (contact your local to see if they’re included), as well as offering a selection of three “Premiere Launches” in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These will feature a “unique souvenir photo opportunity”, as well as an RC-XD obstacle course competition and a free Black Ops showbag -not to mention the food and drink they’ll be throwing at you. Additional special events (including giveaways and more refreshments) will also be held in Adelaide and Newcastle (at their 400th store!) as well as Perth, who gets a breakfast launch at 7am Tuesday – nobody misses out!

JB HiFi are holding their flagship midnight launch event at Parramatta Westfield, featuring special guest Hank Keirsey, the military advisor for Call of Duty: Black Ops. They’re also opening a handful of stores from 10pm Monday 8th November until 1am Tuesday: Penrith (NSW), Newcastle (NSW), Knox (Vic), Werribee Plaza (Vic), Casuarina (NT), Miranda (NSW), Hobart (Tas), Chadstone (Vic), Bourke Street (Vic), Glendale (NSW), Loganholme (Qld), Southland (Vic), Townsville (Qld) and Watergardens (Vic), while Adelaide (SA) gets an abbreviated event from 12am-2am.

The Australian GAME stores are planning something a bit exciting too, promising giveaways and competitions on the night – as well as some potential Call of Duty cosplay (mmm, camouflage). For a full list of which stores will be open at midnight for the launch, head to their website (unless you’re in Tasmania, in which case I wouldn’t bother).

Now to the Brits:
Both GameStation and GAME are planning on opening a whole bunch of their stores to sell Call of Duty: Black Ops at midnight – too many to list here, so check out GameStation and GAME.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

What we're all waiting for!

Typically speaking, both franchises will be opening “around 11:45pm”, in case you wanted to sneak in to organise a trade-in or finalise a pre-order. Tills will open at the stroke of midnight, and the stores will probably stay open until about 1am, depending on demand.

Finally, if you’re hanging out in United Arab Emirates and want to get your hands on a bit of CoD: Black Ops, you won’t miss out on a midnight launch! Strap on your night-vision goggles and head to Emax at Oasis Centre, Dubai from 10pm on Monday November 8th.

Thanks to Emax and RED Entertainment Distribution, the game will be available from midnight, but everybody is advised to pre-order to guarantee a copy – they’ve only got limited quantities of the Hardened and Prestige editions of the game.

Wherever you happen to be on Monday night / Tuesday morning, chances are there’s somewhere selling the newest Call of Duty at a ridiculous hour – if you can find somewhere we’ve missed, make sure you let us know!

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