Dance Central Naked: Do not try this at home

The latest gaming blockbuster from Harmonix, the Kinect-enabled Dance Central hit shelves this week and already it’s taking the world by storm.

Dance Central

No need for fancy dress, but...

You might like to be a bit careful when you’re playing though, as one gamer found out the hard way. No, it wasn’t a case of violent arm-swinging resulting in mum’s vase being knocked off the table. It wasn’t even a nasty twisted ankle from trying to moonwalk the wrong way.

It was a quick lesson in why you shouldn’t Kinect naked.

Dance Central Forum Post


I was trying out the Kinect Dance Central game and I was getting hot so I took off my clothee. I had no idea that the game was going to take A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF ME WHILE DANCING WITH NO CLOTHES ON!!! I can go back and look at these pictures but HOW DO I DELETE THEM?!!! HELP!!!!

Simply put, Dance Central, as well as various other Kinect titles, will take your picture while you’re busy playing – a way of recording the moment, and the silly poses you’re forced to strike. If you’re not aware of this, and have a penchant for playing in your birthday suit, anyone browsing through the collection of photos on your Xbox 360 is in for a bit of a surprise.

Fortunately in this case, the forums are full of helpful information on how to solve the potentially embarrassing story, but – for the less tech-savvy among us – the take-away message might be that keeping your pants on is a good idea.

This story was featured in Episode 9 of playerattack News:

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