Epic reveals Project Sword is now Infinity Blade

Project Sword has finally been unsheathed – its real, non-code name is Infinity Blade, and it’s the first game to bring Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine 3 to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Infinity Blade

...pretty, um, Epic!

When Epic‘s Jay Wilbur was in Australia recently for GCAP, we asked him a few questions about what was in store, and he was quite excited about the project – so we can only imagine he’s grinning all over the place with the revelation.

Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games is also a bit happy with the news:

“More than one million people have been introduced to the world of ‘Infinity Blade’ through our free app, ‘Epic Citadel,’ and soon everyone will be able to play our first fully featured game for iOS devices.

With ‘Infinity Blade,’ ChAIR has created an amazing looking, incredibly fun game that really demonstrates the potential of triple-A mobile gaming.”

The game promises to take handheld gaming “to new heights”, with some amazing levels of graphic intensity – required, of course, to illustrate the adrenaline-pumping sword battles and truly epic boss fights. You’re a knight, wandering around a fully-3D castle, helped out by some simple touch controls and a handy-dandy intuitive combat interface (reassuringly, this is not just for the hardcore gamer, with our casual brethren welcomed with open arms).

Infinity Blade Screenshot Infinity Blade Screenshot Infinity Blade Screenshot
The game in action!

Treading a familiar, well-worn path – the more you play Infinity Blade, the more experience you’ll gain, stats you’ll build up, and more powerful items you’ll acquire – all the better to help you defeat the game’s final nemesis: the God-King.

…and the guys at Salt Lake City-based developers ChAIR Entertainment are taking advantage of the capabilities of iOS – while the game will be totally playable at launch, they’re already promising additional (free!) content to be released later, including a fully integrated multiplayer mode which utilises Game Center.

Infinity Blade is on track for release this holiday season (not long to go now!) – if you want to know more, hop onto Twitter and follow @InfinityBlade, or Like them on Facebook!

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