Call of Duty: Black Ops soundtrack out next week

As Metallica prepare to take the stage at the Call of Duty: Black Ops launch event in Santa Monica, we’ve received details on the game’s soundtrack, which will also launch next week.

Available as a digital-only release, the soundtrack features 30 tracks – the creations of renowned film composer Sean Murray, returning fresh from the battlefield of World at War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Now with delightful musical accompaniment.

You’ll be able to pick it up through iTunes and “other major digital media retailers”, or so we’re told. The whole soundtrack will set you back US$11.99, or you can pick it up for 99c a track if there’s just one or two that you like.

The date to mark in your calendars is November 9th – when the game (and the soundtrack) will hit virtual shelves around the world. You’ll be able to snag a copy of Black Ops – debatably the most eagerly-anticipated game of 2010 – for PS3, Xbox 360, PC or Wii, depending on your console preference. If you want to guarantee your early-bird fragging opportunities, it might be a good idea to pre-order.

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