Red Dead Redemption tests your vocabulary

Rockstar Games are known for many things – but “being educational” isn’t necessarily one of them. That is, until @Mr_YUNique got on the case, picking up bits and pieces of the Red Dead Redemption script and using them to help people’s vocabularies.

About a month ago (while playing a bit of RDR), Mr. Yun apparently discovered that “if you pay attention to the dialogue while you play video games, you might actually learn some useful words”. He points out Nigel West Dickens as a great example of someone who uses a lot of “difficult words”, such as his first example, bacchanalian.

YUNiversity: Bacchanalian YUNiversity: Bacchanalian - Nigel West Dickens
I feel smarter already!

Since then, Mr. Yun has been working the examples into his site, The YUNiversity, where he “strives” to provide useful info (and a YUNique perspective) for people “studying for the SAT, preparing for college, or refining your diction and grammar”.

It is of course important to remember that the simple things are often the best, and sometimes it behooves the writer to use the easy options, lest the meaning be obfuscated.

YUNiversity: Enigmatic
YUNiversity: Enigmatic - Bonnie

This story was featured in Episode 8 of playerattack News:

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