1 Red Shirt Guy is now a WoW NPC

Red Shirt Guy is quite the internet celebrity these days, and his star shines ever-brighter with the news that his likeness will actually be featured in the next World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm.

Before this year’s BlizzCon, Red Shirt Guy was just another WoW fan, who took a liking to the lore and storyline side of the game. He also is quite the speedy reader, devouring all 350+ pages of Christie Golden’s novel The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm in the days before the convention kicked off. Within those pages, Red Shirt Guy found a glaring discrepancy – one which prompted him to quiz the game’s developers and writers at the Lore and Quests panel held on Friday afternoon.

The original video of his query has now had more than two million views, as well as being featured on various mainstream television shows – prompting Red Shirt Guy to post a response, without the nerves that plagued him on the day.

Many people brushed off Alex Afrasiabi and Chris Metzen’s promise to “get that fixed” – but get that fixed they did.

In a simply awesome move, Blizzard chose not only to correct the game, but also to reward the guy for his amazing lore knowledge and attention to detail. How better to do that than to immortalise him in his beloved World of Warcraft?

Introducing: Wildhammer Fact Checker (NPC), who will appear alongside Falstad Wildhammer in Ironforge’s throne room when the game is pushed live in December.

World of Warcraft: Wildhammer Fact Checker

(Please observe: stylish haircut, vermillion threads)

Sure, this is the internet, and sure, you shouldn’t believe everything you see, but you should believe this blue post from the game’s Lead World Designer, Alex Afrasiabi – who gave his word it would be fixed:

Alex Afrasiabi confirms the truth

Way to go, Blizzard!

Congratulations, Red Shirt Guy. It’s a nervewracking thing, standing up in front of the thousands and thousands of people at BlizzCon, and even worse when you have to call someone out on their mistake (particularly someone as brilliant as Chris Metzen or Alex Afrasiabi). I tip my cap at you, and look forward to seeing you at BlizzCons to come.

This story was featured in Episode 8 of playerattack News:

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