Official Tiësto video created totally in DJ Hero 2


Tiësto, in human form.

Are we surprised that the world’s first-ever music video comprised entirely of video game footage has come from the DJ Hero camp? Activision have worked with Tiësto to produce a music video using only DJ Hero 2 imagery – and the end result isn’t too shabby.

His name should already be familiar to fans of the electronic genre and the game itself – Tiësto has delivered not one, but two exclusive mixes to the DJ Hero 2 soundtrack, and is a playable character in the game (quite the selling point, really).

Now, the DJ is quite pleased with the way things have turned out:

“I’m having a lot of fun playing myself in DJ Hero 2!

“I originally wrote ‘Speed Rail’ for the video game and then started playing the track at my shows. The music video idea came together after I asked Activision to cut together some footage of my character in the game to play on the large video screens I use on tour. The fan reaction has been amazing, so I decided to go a step further and make it the official ‘Speed Rail’ music video. It looks really cool!”

…y’know what? He’s right!

Whether or not this really is the “music game of the year”, and whether or not it does signify a shift from guitars and microphones to turntables, DJ Hero 2 is undeniably a pretty massive force to be reckoned with. It’s improved on the original with a whole swag of new multiplayer modes (including DJ Battles), the introduction of on-screen singing and rapping, and the fabulous jump-in/jump-out Party Play function.

The soundtrack is none-too-shabby either, including 83 all-new creations unique to the game on top of some of the world’s biggest dance, pop and hip-hop tunes.

Want some? DJ Hero 2 is out now for all you budding digital disc jockeys, for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

This story was featured in Episode 7 of playerattack News:

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