1 Interview: Brian Kindregan (SC2)

While at BlizzCon 2010, we had the opportunity to catch up with Brian Kindregan, lead writer for the StarCraft II trilogy. While there were no massive announcements regarding the game at this year’s convention (although the map tools and mod-making abilities were a hot discussion topic), it was great to spend a few moments in a more relaxed atmosphere and chat about the game, both looking back at Wings of Liberty, and forward, towards Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.

When Brian mentions a history in film – he’s referring to things like the Curious George movie, SpaceJam, Chasing Liberty, Aquaman, and Iron Giant. StarCraft II also isn’t his first foray into video game writing either – it’s more a natural progression from a couple of earlier projects, including both Jade Empire and Mass Effect 2 for BioWare. It’s all just part of the rich tapestry that makes up Blizzard Entertainment!

This story was featured in Episode 6 of playerattack News:

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