1 Liveblog – The Opening Ceremony

Well then! Here we are at BlizzCon 2010, all settled into the Anaheim Convention Center, and wondering just what is in store. Nobody’s quite sure what this year’s big announcement will be, but there are hints we could be in for a Diablo III-themed treat.

Of course, nobody’s ignoring StarCraft II or World of Warcraft, but with the impending release of Cataclysm just a few months away and the announcement that we shouldn’t expect too much about Heart of the Swarm, there’s not too many options left.

Everything kicks off here in about 10 minutes, and we’ll be playing with some new liveblog software – a first for playerattack – so make sure you check back for all the news from the show floor!


This story was featured in Episode 6 of playerattack News:

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