Duke Nukem Forever: Mana Bar Q&A

Duke Nukem Forever: Steve Gibson and Randy Pitchford

Steve Gibson and Randy Pitchford get comfy

When Randy and Steve from Gearbox were in Australia last week, showing off Duke Nukem Forever, they spent an evening hanging out in the [surl=http://www.manabar.com.au/]Mana Bar[/surl] in Brisbane, answering gamers’ questions and revealing a little bit more about the game.

We were there, camera in hand, and managed to snag a whole bunch of the evening’s events – including some of Randy Pitchford’s personal gaming history, how he felt when Duke Nukem Forever “died” as a project, why he forked out the money to save the game from extinction, and a few bits and pieces about what we can expect when the game’s released. Steve Gibson also sheds some light on the elusive topic of the release date, even though they’re still being deliberately vague.

Although the quality might not be great, this four-part footage is straight from the camera to the internets and is well worth a watch (or at least a listen!).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Don’t forget – we also got a one-on-one (well, one-on-two) interview with Randy and Steve while they were in town, chatting all about Duke Nukem Forever after we got a bit of hands-on time with the game.

(Many thanks to 2K Games and [surl=http://www.manabar.com.au/]Mana Bar[/surl] staff for their support!)

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