4 Interview: Nathan Martz (Double Fine)

One of GCAP‘s international guests was Nathan Martz, Project Lead at Double Fine Productions. While many people think of the Brutal Legend developer as a big-name brand, they’re actually completely independent – and have recently made the decision to go back to an independent style of working. Rather than having the entire studio focussing on one project, the company has split into four teams, each one working on a different game – three of them completely new and very, very top secret.

…and yes, we did try harder to find out what he’s really working on, but Nathan’s a clever sort and would not give in to our bribes.

He did, however, reveal that Double Fine are very proud of actually getting Costume Quest ready in time for a Halloween launch – it’s the first project they’ve worked on that really had a set-in-stone deadline, and they made it with time to spare. Is it just me, or does that bode very nicely for the rest of the four projects?

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