4 Interview: The Voxel Agents

Everybody should be familiar with the work of The Voxel Agents, even if it’s just because I say so. They’re an indie developer out of Melbourne, Australia, who currently work mostly with iPhone and iPad titles. Most recently, they released Train Conductor and Train Conductor 2, both of which have cost hours of my life and forced gamers to look at public transport in a whole new light. We caught up with them at GCAP to find out what else they’ve been working on.

Now, I’d like to elaborate a little on the topic of Simon’s brother, the composer. If you’ve spent any time with Train Conductor or its sequel, you’ll know there’s some catchy tunes playing along while you arrange your engines. We’re not at liberties to discuss too many details, but we have heard stories of a soundtrack compilation of various bits and pieces of Voxel Agents music… personally, that’d be one collection of music that’d live quite happily in my library!

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