Video Interview: Duke Nukem Forever

It looks like the “infamous” Duke Nukem Forever might not be vaporware, instead rising gracefully from the ashes with a little help from Gearbox Studios. President of the company, Randy Pitchford – and Vice President Steve Gibson – were in Brisbane this weekend to show off their new baby (still with no specific release date, but they promise we’ll see it on shelves in 2011), and we got a chance to have a chat with them both about the Duke, the pressure of living up to expectations, the possibilities of multiplayer, and a little bit of their feelings on censorship.

At today’s event at the [surl=]Mana Bar[/surl], Randy and Steve explained that the game pokes fun at itself, with Duke Nukem Forever set twelve years after the events of Duke Nukem 3D. The Duke himself is now one of the richest men in the world, who owns (and lives in) a casino, and enjoys all the finer things of life… including a video game made in his honor based on his battle with the martians. He’s observed to quip that – after twelve years – it better be good!

From what we’ve seen, it’s shaping up to be good indeed – and we’ll have some more coverage of the event right here on playerattack later this week!

This story was featured in Episode 5 of playerattack News:

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