playerttack News Season 1, Episode 5

playerattack News Episode 5 features the one and only Duke Nukem Forever, which we were lucky enough to check out this week. We also confirm the poorly-kept secret that Dota 2 is in development, the disappointing news that the Warcraft movie has been put on the backburner again, and the rock-tastic announcement that Tenacious D will be playing the BlizzCon closing concert. There’s a couple of upset gamers this week too – a poorly-placed icon made the Angry Birds developers extra-cranky, while David Jaffe wasn’t too pleased when he spawned as the enemy in Medal of Honor. Finally, we caught up with a whole bunch of people at Game Connect Asia Pacific, and spent a bit of time at Brisbane’s [surl=]Mana Bar[/surl].

playerattack News is a once-a-week wrap up of the biggest news to hit playerattack‘s pages – a bit like a video version of the Daily Stash! If you’d like to subscribe, you can do that via RSS feed or if you’d prefer, through iTunes.

Because we know you can’t wait – here’s the full video interview with Randy and Steve, as featured in playerattack News:

(Thanks to GCAP and 2K Games for all your help this week – and to the fabulous [surl=]Mana Bar[/surl] for letting us film in your fine establishment!)

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