4 Interview: Tony Albrecht (Overbyte)

GCAP 2010

GCAP 2010

Tony Albrecht has been working in and around the Australian gaming industry for a long, long time – he was involved with Ratbag Games back in the PS2 era, before a stint at Pandemic/EA more recently and then a spot of consulting work for SCEE London where he worked with Australasian PS3 developers. It’s little wonder then that when we caught up with him at GCAP, he started talking about the future of the industry and the recent influx of indie developers.

…it’s also worth noting that we recorded this interview on Friday, just a few short hours before the stories of Krome’s closure reached our ears.

Tony is currently Director and Principal Programmer at Overbyte, who work on optimising and delivering high-performance code for games on various consoles, working with all manner of publishers around the industry.

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