4 Interview: Jay Wilbur (Epic Games)

GCAP 2010

GCAP 2010

Epic Games are long-term supporters of the annual GCAP conference – and this year Jay Wilbur, the company’s Vice President of business development, made it out to the Gold Coast to make sure everybody knows just how awesome their Unreal Engine really is. playerattack caught up with Jay and asked him a few questions to find out what’s happening behind the scenes with Gears of War 3, Bulletstorm and the mysterious Project Sword.

As in previous years, Epic were also responsible for the appropriately-named Epic Welcome Reception held at GCAP on opening night. Presented as an opportunity to “meet and mingle with other participants”, it was a great night of chatting, networking and generally hanging out – and all of it with a handy bar tab! Thanks, Epic – see you next year!

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