Krome Studios: Gone for good?

After a second awesome day at GCAP, we’ve returned to our hotel to the tragic news that Australian developer Krome has closed its doors. There’s been no official statement made, but we’ve heard stories that the company is “on the verge of collapse”, possibly even going into receivership.


Rest in peace?

Twitter is currently abuzz with the news, with stories varying but generally all agreeing that a “number” of staff have been let go. In August, we reported that the company’s Adelaide studio had been closed, while the Melbourne and Brisbane staff had been slashed.

Today, the news started popping up that more job cuts had hit Melbourne and Brisbane, but later in the day stories started circulating that Krome has closed, telling their remaining staff – including everybody in the Brisbane studio – not to come in to work on Monday.

Some staff members may be re-hired as contractors, to finish any work that remains.

We’re waiting on an official word (either confirmation or denial) but from the sounds of things, Australia’s just lost another major indie developer, and there’s going to be a lot more game devs looking for work in an already crowded industry.

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